Attending a Scarecrow Wedding at William's preschool. The whole event was awesome, what a great idea and William was thrilled with the tractor.

Baking chicken pie.

Reminiscing about my 90s childhood. Who remembers any of these?

Noting the little/big moments and being a little sentimental about them ;)

Watching Downton Abbey. Love this series!

Spending a well overdue afternoon, just me and my mum.

Attempting to get fit.

Thinking this is just beautiful, I can not wait to have our first Autumn picnic of the year. Here's one from last year.

Loving Autumn!


t is for track

'Around here we don't look backwards for very long. 
We keep moving forward, opening new doors and 
doing new things, because we're curious
 and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.' 
Walt Disney

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corfu: our first family holiday

Hello first day of Autumn, my favourite season of the year and hello productivity, as my lazy holiday mode finally lifts (it has certainly lingered far too long and way past our trip abroad).

Summer felt long this year and Andy didn't take any leave till the end but the end was our highlight.

Eight years had past since we last went abroad, our honeymoon in Egypt nevertheless, and even though I'm quite content with exploring the UK, we were determined to get a family holiday in this year. 

Big box ticked! :)

The original plan was to holiday in Kos but we couldn't get the deal we wanted and so we went for pot luck and Corfu was where we headed.

Corfu you were a pleasant surprise!

An island full of views, tradition, green landscapes, variety, awesome yet crazy cheap food and apparently a whole heap of rain. Wow did we get some rain... just unlucky I guess but with rain comes those skies. Big, atmospheric, theatrical skies!


Ate seafood, moussaka, tzatziki  and a whole bucket of melon.
Took William on a boat for the very first time.
Read nothing but the Corfu guide book. Apparently holidaying with a 3 year old and holiday reading doesn't mix well (though I do love a good guide book).
Obsessed over the statues (I love a good statue too).
Bought wine, produced in Corfu, to bring back home (my Dad was seriously impressed when he tried his bottle).
Loved watching William's confidence, in the swimming pool, grow.
Visited a palace, a fortress, a monastery, Old Town Corfu and a secluded beach (OK so by secluded I actually mean we accidentally found ourselves on a nudest beach, oops).

Funny story (as if unexpectedly rocking up at a nudest beach isn't funny enough): we were walking around Corfu Town, drenched and a bit miserable from the rain, and my sandal snapped. So there was me standing around the streets, one shoe on and one shoe off, whilst Andy went to the nearest shoe shop. He came back with the brightest pink flip flops I have ever seen! Something I know to be true... tangled, wet hair teamed with neon pink flip flops is not a good look!

If you ever find yourself in Corfu do order seafood, do visit Achillion Palace, do buy the red wine produced in Corfu, do make time to visit the fortresses in Corfu Town and do remember to take a coat; just in case ;)

I hope everybody had a good summer. I'm intrigued to know who managed to fit in a holiday this year? Any recommendations?


s is for sun

'Here comes the sun and I say it's alright.' The Beatles

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r is for read

'The more that you read, the more things you will know, 
the more that you learn, the more places you'll go.' Dr.Seuss

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q is for quiet

'So close your eyes and feel the world turn round.' Newton Faulkner

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p is for packing

'Once a year go someplace you've never been before' Dalai Lama

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