Wednesday, 1 January 2014

dc... I am proud of you

In terms of rediscovery, the year past has been a good one:

I finally started painting again and even have some pieces to show for it. My Etsy shop didn't get going as I hoped it would but I know why this is and I know what needs to be done, it is still early days after all.

Another personal achievement comes in the form of this little blog. It's not your first attempt at blogging is it DC? Big pat on the back for persevering this time. There was something different about this one, it felt right, it felt easy, it felt like me.

I mustn't forget The Time Travelling Toddler either, the little side blog I started on a whim but which I fast fell in love with. The plans for both blogs are ever growing and 2014 is already feeling full... full of ideas, full of goals and full of potential.

Family life will be full too. 

There are big changes ahead for William. He starts pre-school this very month. I can't describe the bitter-sweetness of this milestone, though the anxiety lies completely with me. William is so ready for it.

Early 2014 also sees Andy's return and this makes me so glad. We have just reached the half way point and soon we will be settling into another new normal rather than the upside-down normal which a detachment forces.

The next couple of months will be busy indeed.

The main plan is to get the master bedroom decorated and I have high hopes for this room. Andy and I have such different tastes so creating a room we both absolutely love will be a challenge. Wish me luck!

I also have lots of little ideas for some crafty DIY projects and plan to share some of the more successful ones here. I purchased some gold leaf lately and have a few ideas for it but I'd love to hear about anybody else's gold leaf projects, any tips are very welcome.

My little comfort zone reading challenge will definitely continue during 2014. To anyone in a reading rut, I couldn't recommend doing this enough. I'm now half way through my book list and it's done wonders for my reading mileage. My inner bookworm is certainly back and how I missed it so. There will be more to come on my ever growing reading pile later this week.

.. finally one more thing I'd like to mention is the One Little Word workshop by Ali Edwards which I am very excited to be taking part in this year. The concept is all about focusing on one particular word throughout the year and using it to reflect on and achieve your goals. I fully intend to share more on my own 'one little word' throughout the year but if you wish to find out more please click on the link.

The word I have chosen or maybe I should say the word which chose me is...


... and you can expect to see this little fella often over the next 12 months.

2014, I am welcoming you with open arms and am ready to embrace all you have to offer.

A new year has begun ;)


  1. It's always good to reflect on the past year - sounds like you've had a good one. And so much planned for 2014 too, exciting times. Do is a brilliant word - I shall be doing the same. Happy New Year :)

    1. Thank you and may you have a very Happy New Year too :)

  2. It sounds like you have a full year ahead with great plans :) Good luck with them and thank you for linking to PoCoLo x