Yep, still wearing wellies.
It's me DC... I've been slightly off the radar lately. It all started with a fever (nothing serious) and then half term followed so I had a little Blog Land break and now here we are in JUNE!

Three days in and it already feels like a very full month. I sense June is going to be busy and in a good way.

We started the month with a little family walk around the village. William wanted to feed the ducks; a two hour walk to feed the ducks and he threw the whole bread bun to them at once. You've got to love that little crazy dude :)

There's also been dinosaurs, first produce in our little kitchen garden and I've started making my way through my favourite cookbook (something I've been meaning to do for a while).

For the rest of the month: I'm planing to put in more painting hours and get a few more pieces complete, a couple of family visits are on the cards and I'm looking forward to a little gathering of friends from near and far.

But... the biggest news around here is Andy receiving a promotion and I am, of course, incredibly proud of him. 

I love you Sergeant ;)  


  1. Congratulations to your husband! Very nice pictures. Last weekend we are been in the country side and I got the photos as well ;)

    1. Thank you Eva. Look forward to seeing your pictures if you blog them, will be interesting to compare, bet your weather has been a little more cheerful :)

  2. Aww I am sick with fever right about now and I dont even know how I manage to read blogpost. But when I lie down I just get dizzy so Id rather just tinker on the laptop.

    This looks like a lovely walk. Will probably do the same after i recover. This is what I just need, freah air and nice view. Thanks for sharing. #pocolo

    1. Oh no, hope your feeling better today and can get out for some fresh air very soon.