Friday, 6 June 2014

we're going on a dinosaur hunt

We recently had a little ride out to Woodthorpe Garden Centre, mainly because I wanted to pick up some more plant pots and also because this garden centre had the promise of dinosaurs. Anybody who knows William, even just a tiny bit, will know how much he loves his dinosaurs. They weren't a disappointment either. In fact, William was a little scared (he is adamant he wasn't but he was).

There was also a nice park and a maze. William totally refused to go into the maze... there was dinosaurs; why would you want to get lost in a maze when you could be visiting dinosaurs instead? (Silly Mummy)

Of course, William came away with a new Allosaurus and I may have bought a couple of bits too ;)


  1. I understand William : why would you want to get lost in a maze when you could be visiting dinosaurs instead?

  2. Loving the dinosaur hunt. My son Buba is just getting to the age that he is liking roaring and the dinosaurs. Lovely photos. Glad you had such a great time. #countrykids

  3. That dinosaur hunt is really cool. It was very hard to work out the scale initially :D

  4. My son's fave as well. Andy Dinosaur Adventure's his fave show. This would've awesome if we got this here cuz it looks so much fun to visit =) #countrykids

  5. How fab to go to a garden center and there be a dino hunt bet you ended up walking round seeing more and buying more lol lovely hosta you got

    1. Yes, bought way too much and love hostas, one of the only plants I have never succeeded in killing ;)

  6. Garden Centres have really transformed; they are very good at catering for children with play areas and activities but, I have never heard of one with dinosaurs! Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.